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Happenings on the Oregon Coast
July 31, 2020

Let’s Go Squatching! Bigfoot and Other Oregon Coast Legends

Everyone loves the Oregon coast for the beautiful scenery, diverse wildlife, and so much more. Some also love it here for other, more unique reasons. While the coast is full of history and educational opportunities, it is also the home of some urban legends and haunting tales. Here are some of these stories and the weird and wacky places at the coast.   Hunting Sasquatch Most everyone is familiar with the tale of Sasquatch. Also known as Bigfoot, as legend has it, the half-man, half-ape creature has been roaming forests in

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Travel Advice/Tips
July 24, 2020

Are We There Yet?

Family vacations to the coast can make some of the best memories and scrapbook moments you’ll ever have. Once you get your Sweet Home rental your kids will love picking out their room, running to the beach in front of your home, and roasting smores after a day of exploring. What might not make the cut in the scrapbook pages or Instagram stories are the classic ‘are we there yet?’ moments. Whether you’re driving or flying to the coast, it can be tricky to occupy young kids and keep them