Why Book a Sweet Home Instead of a Hotel?

To us, the answer to the question, ‘should I rent a vacation house or book a hotel room?’ is obvious: get a house! Why? Because our homes are awesome — they’re beautiful, comfortable, and full of amenities. However, we do understand that it’s not a decision to be taken lightly and you need more reasons than just ‘they’re awesome’ to plan your getaway, so we’re here to help you. There are lots of things that make booking a vacation house, especially a Sweet Home, the better option over a hotel room, but we’ll start with just a few. 

Space and Location

While there are hotels with great ocean views on the coast, our inventory of over 70 Sweet Homes gives you just about every location option you can think of. Want to be tucked away in some trees, we’ve got that. Want to sit right on the beach, you’ll find that here too. Not only will our selection give you more location options, but you’ll find more space as well. No more being confined to one room and a breakfast bar, because at a rental you have the run of the place. The yard is yours to use, the kitchen, the dining room, and more than just one bedroom crammed with queen size beds!  Whether you’re looking to sleep 2 or 12, you’ll find more than enough room when you rent a home. Not to mention, we’ll sleep your furry family members as well since most of our rentals are dog friendly.  

Cost Effective

Believe it or not, renting a home is a more cost-effective option than booking a hotel. First, you get more space and amenities for your buck. Second, having a stocked kitchen saves you money — you can make your own coffee, tea, and meals and avoid the expense of eating out. Third, we offer specials that go easy on your wallet, like the option to book direct! If you visit our website at sweethomesrentals.com and fall in love with a home, you can book straight through us and save yourself the extra booking fees on sites like Airbnb or VRBO. We also offer discounts that include 15% off stays over seven days or buy two nights get two free specials from fall through spring. Fourth, parents and kids get separate rooms — not just a night table between your beds in a cramped hotel room!  ;arger groups especially love renting homes because not only do you have room to breathe and have some privacy, you can also split the cost between your party. There’s no need to pay for multiple hotel rooms and meet in the hallway to plan your day. In a Sweet Home you can just meet in the living room! Lastly, if you book direct with Sweet Homes, we only require a 50% down payment at the time your reservation is made. This perk gives you time to save, split the costs, or do whatever you need to do to make your vacation happen. 

Never Miss Home-Cooked Meals

Each Sweet Home has a fully equipped kitchen, all you need to do is make a quick stop at the grocery store and you can cook until your heart (and your belly) is full. We understand that you might want to take all responsibility off your plate and dine out while you’re here and there’s no shame in that, especially because there are some great restaurants along the coast. That said, sometimes you just can’t beat a homemade meal, the convenience of being able to cook up a late night snack, or making a hot pot of coffee in the morning.  


Especially now, it’s nice to be the only person in a home. Unlike hotels, there are no public, shared spaces where you have to navigate physical distancing, dine with strangers, or use masks. And our highest industry standard cleaning practices provide you a home you will feel safe and welcome staying in.

Hopefully, we’re on the same page now with an answer to ‘should I book a vacation house or a hotel?’ If you have more questions before you make a decision, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-519-0437 or email us at info@sweethomesrentals.com. We are staffed 7 days a week and waiting to help you easily plan a great vacation in a gorgeous home, so you can Stay Relaxed

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