What’s Your Usual?

Everyone knows the Oregon coast has amazing beaches and hiking trails to explore. But the locals and loyal visitors also know that the restaurants, galleries, and coffee shops are just as special. To help you make a plan for your trip and then place your order, we asked some locals what their ‘usual’ is. Below you’ll find some of their suggestions, so feel free to work your way through the list and let us know what you think! You can always tag us in any social media, because as we all know, Instagram eats first! 

“My favorite restaurant in Yachats is the Green Salmon Coffee Company. I always get the Sesame Chick’n Wrap with an Old Fashioned Blackberry Shrub Soda. And you can’t forget the Strawberry Rhubarb Turnover for dessert!”

  • Dayna, a Sweet Homes Vacation Planner

“My go to is the Wolf Tree Taproom in South Beach, it’s a little hidden but the nachos with pork belly are my favorite dish and I always grab a beer or Two Towns cider. “

“My favorite is Seal Rock Espresso and Bakery. I always order a breve with a shot of vanilla in it. They also have awesome bakery items but the best is their maple bar!”

  • Kim, Sweet Homes’ Guest Services Manager 

“I love the Pirate Coffee Company in Depoe Bay. Any of their specialty blend beans are amazing to brew at home, iced or hot.” 

“River Roasters in Florence has some of the best coffee on the coast in my opinion. The Monkey Mocha is my absolute favorite, I never would have thought I liked banana in my coffee but I order it almost every time. Plus the shop setting is adorable.”

“Eatwell Organic Noodles in Florence is so good. I like to get their pollo ala brasa. It’s great to feed my whole family. Plus they have lots of gluten free options that actually taste amazing.” 

“Whenever I’m craving a sweet I go to the UltraLife Cafe drive thru and get a smoothie — all of them are so good. Their spot in Nye Beach also has the best bagel sandwiches in my opinion and really fun cocktails for a night out.” 

“Local Oceans’ fishwives stew is amazing on a cloudy day. They also have vegetarian and gluten free options so everyone can find something. The dining area also has great views of the bayfront.” 

“The Sea Turtle Latte at the Village Bean is a go-to for me. They always have amazing bakery items as well.” 

  • Elizabeth, Sweet Homes’ Marketing Director 

“La Maison in Newport is my little secret. The entire menu is amazing but when I want a treat I get a huge cinnamon roll. But as for real food, I usually get crepes and a mimosa.” 

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