Your Oregon Coast Bucket List

We love the Oregon coast and we want to spread that love around! That’s why Sweet Homes Vacation Getaways homeowners open up their doors to welcome you: we all want you to be able to visit and experience the coast in the most relaxing and fulfilling way possible. To help you get the most of your time on the coast, below you can find a list of some of our favorite things to do and see here. Think of it as the start of your Oregon Coast bucket list, because this definitely doesn’t cover all the amazing experiences that you can have here at the beach. We hope that you’ll add these to your itinerary for your next getaway and then check back later as we’ll definitely be adding another bucket list of adventures at the coast!  

See the underbelly of a big shark at the Oregon Coast Aquarium: yes, it’s a real live shark! 

In the mid-nineties Kieko the whale, who stared in Free Willy, lived at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Keiko’s old aquarium is now a walk-through tank filled with sharks, sting rays, and rockfish. You can walk through a series of tunnels that go under their water and watch them swimming all around you. 

Pet an octopus at the OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center

Oregon State University’s Hatfield Marine Science Center is a free educational experience that is open to guests. You can watch an octopus get fed, learn more about them, and sometimes even pet them! There are also other amazing and educational experiences offered at the science center including hands-on exhibits that teach you about tide pools, tsunamis, and erosion.

Ride a horse on the beach at C&M Stables in Florence…or, if horses aren’t your style, try sand sledding or dune buggy rides on the massive sand dunes along the Florence coast at Sandland Adventures

C&M Stables has been around since 1981 and their horses are beautiful and calm. There’s nothing like riding a horse across the beach with the ocean tide roaring next to you. It is an amazing experience! Baker Beach also has use restrictions because it’s a western snowy plover nesting area, which means it’s also a chance to see rare birds on a calm beach.

Just down the highway you can visit Sandland Adventures where you can play miniature golf, ride Go Karts and a train, have a water fight from your bumper boats, or explore the magnificent dunes on a genuine dune buggy. You can take a small group, high-octane ride, or join a larger group for an adrenaline-filled but more leisurely tour of the dunes. Dress comfortably in layers, be ready for sand, and bring your camera to capture the special moments you’ll share while playing at Sandland Adventures.

Learn about lighthouses

On the central Oregon coast there’s no shortage of lighthouses or of lighthouse lore to go along with them. You can check out Heceta Head Lighthouse, which is the most photographed lighthouse on the West coast because it’s so stunningly beautiful! Guests can see the historic home at the base of the lighthouse and walk up a wide paved path to see the Heceta Head lighthouse up-close and personal. Or, go further north and visit the lovely Yaquina Bay Lighthouse which is right near a beautiful beach where you can hunt for plentiful agates! At both lighthouses you can learn about their history and maybe even hear one of their ghost stories!  

Go fishing 

This may sound like a common activity that you can do anywhere, but it is so different on the coast! You can grab a pole and some bait and head to the South Beach Jetty to fish right off the rocks, or you can hop on a chartered boat and go deep sea fishing! There are multiple options at the bayfront for guided fishing, and you might even get lucky and see other marine life like seals, sea lions, whales, or other ocean life while you’re out on your exciting fishing adventure. If crabbing is more your style, you can easily and inexpensively rent crab pots and get a quick lesson, and then toss ‘em out to see what you can catch. There’s nothing better than fresh Oregon coast crab!

We hope this helps you get excited for and plan your next central coast getaway! If you have any questions before booking your Sweet Home, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-519-0437 or email us at We are staffed 7 days a week and waiting to help you easily plan your getaway so you can Stay Relaxed!

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