What Makes a Sweet Home, Sweet?

When you’re picking a vacation rental, we know there is a laundry list of things you’re looking for to have your ideal vacation. At Sweet Homes, we do our best to anticipate your needs and check every box for you. Our name is our guarantee: we set a high standard for ourselves and our homes so that can stay in a “sweet!” home. So, what is the magic that makes a Sweet Home so sweet? 

Our Standards 

We’re proud to be in this industry and love being able to share the Oregon coast with our guests. We want you to have the best time possible while you’re here, from the minute you walk in the door to the moment you’re pulling out of the driveway and thinking about when you can return again. That’s exactly why we hold ourselves to the highest Sweet Homes standards. This means we thoroughly train our housekeepers, hands-on, and use a comprehensive checklist so that our guests are safe and comfortable. We stock our homes with boutique hotel quality linens, expertly chosen pillows and decor, electronics and games, and kitchens you can really cook in and enjoy. Perhaps most importantly, we know each home inside and out. Each Property Manager and cleaning team are experts on their properties and inspect them between each stay to make sure everything is ready for you to come, feel at home, and relax.

Our Decor & Special Touches

Our homeowners trust us to take care of their houses because they trust our standard of care. Whether a home is an owner’s investment, a cherished and passed-down family home, or their own personal oasis for beach getaways, we value their trust and do our best to make our Sweet Homes comfortable, beautiful, fun, and inviting. After being in this industry for over 10 years, we have learned where to get the best products for high traffic homes without sacrificing comfort or style. We’re also lucky enough to have incredibly talented staff who work with homeowners from start to finish to create a living space with character they’ve always wanted, and that we can then share with you and other guests from all over the world.  We add extra touches, too. Many of our homes have fireplaces, hot tubs, game rooms, premium cable and/or other unique touches that will help make your stay memorable.

Our Staff

Sweet Homes would be nothing without our family. Our amazing staff keeps our large roster of homes running smoothly and is always working to provide guests with the most relaxing and sweet vacation home possible. Outside of being amazing people, our staff is special because of its size. Instead of contracting out many services, we cover just about every possible property management need in-house. We employ around 50 local housekeepers, maintenance men and women, hot tub technicians, landscapers, property managers, and admins. Not only does this make it easy to uphold our standards, it also means that we get to welcome so many people into our Sweet Homes family! When the team works, the dream works, and it’s you –our guests– who benefit. 

Our Community

We are so thankful to be a part of the wonderful communities here on the central Oregon coast! We don’t rent homes here because we thought it would be just another good rental location; we rent homes here because we have homes here, live here, and love the central coast. When you visit, you become part of our community and we hope you take the time to explore everything it has to offer. This is why we provide you with recommendations for fun activities at the coast,  local shops, restaurants, and must-see places. We also are committed to giving back to the coastal community through volunteerism, philanthropy, and practicings good, ethical, neighborly business practices. We want to lift up this community and share the joys of the coast with you! 

We hope this helps you get excited for planning your next central coast getaway! If you have any questions before booking your Sweet Home, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-519-0437 or email us at info@sweethomesrentals.com. We are staffed 7 days a week and waiting to help you easily plan your getaway so you can Stay Relaxed!

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