Travel Packing Tips

Everyone loves travel, but few people love packing. We know that deciding what to bring, what to leave home, and getting everything packed and hauled to the coast can be stressful. But don’t worry, your friends at Sweet Homes are here to help! It’s so easy to overpack or forget crucial things. Below you’ll find tips on what not to pack, what not to forget, and some things you may not have considered as packing strategies before. 

What not to pack

  • Hair dryer
    Unless you really love your specific hair dryer, there’s no need! Each Sweet Homes has a hair dryer and most hotels also have hair dryers right in the bathroom. This just takes up unnecessary space and is awkward to jigsaw into your luggage with souvenirs at the end of your trip. For those with curly hair, you might want to throw in your diffuser if you use one, just in case, or try a microfiber hair wrap to help tame your mane during your getaway. 
  • Umbrellas
    If you’re heading to the coast, you might be planning for rain (good call), however, ditch the umbrella! Umbrellas can take up quite a bit of room and the smaller more compact ones may break when crammed into luggage or risk smelling of mildew if they aren’t 100% dry before getting folded up. Take a tip from the pacific northwest locals and swap it out for a nice raincoat. If you’re going to be exploring, you’ll want to be hands-free and you’ll probably run into on and off rain sprinkles. Nobody wants to lug around an umbrella and keep opening and closing it, just for a little bit of rain. Your raincoat is easier and it will keep the dampness out and your warmth in!
  • Towels
    Many travelers tend to bring pieces of home with them to guarantee comfort. Some hotel towels can be scratchy and small, and some vacation rentals either don’t provide towels, or they may just not meet the cut for quality. If you’re staying with Sweet Homes, you can trust the quality of towels in each bathroom, and order a towel exchange at any time during your stay. Packing your own towels will just take up unnecessary space in your luggage. We’ve got you covered!

Commonly forgotten things

  • Headphones
    Whether you’re traveling by plane or car, you’ll most likely have some downtime during the journey, and music or podcasts are a great way to fill the time. One of the worst feelings is picking your podcast and realizing you forgot your headphones! Try throwing these in the bag you’ll have the easiest access to the night before or the pockets of the pants you plan on wearing for your travel day.  
  • A little cash
    Not everybody carries cash anymore, but it will almost always come in handy. Especially if you’re traveling to a place where you may not be able to find a branch of your bank, it’s helpful to pull out some cash and stash it for your trip.
  • Chargers
    Almost everyone has a phone or laptop with them when leaving the house, but chargers usually stay at home. It’s easy to let it slip your mind when packing because you’re used to using a charge throughout the day, and coming home to charge your phone or computer overnight. Many people don’t think twice about leaving the house for a getaway without grabbing the charger, so try setting them all packed up in a bag by your door the night before so you don’t forget them. 

What you might not think to pack, but wish you had…

  • Photocopy of your passport and/or driver’s license
    It will never hurt to have a copy of your passport and driver’s license tucked in your suitcase. While they won’t be able to serve as official documents, they will be better than nothing in almost every situation if you misplace either item or lose your wallet in the sand!
  • Daybag
    Especially for a trip to the coast, packing an empty daybag is a great way to prepare for any situation. If you head home with souvenirs, you can pack them in the daybag. If you decide to head out on a hike or picnic on the beach, a medium-sized bag will be great for throwing a few snacks in, packing your water bottles, and storing the agates you find exploring in the sand and surf.
  • Mini-emergency kit
    This can be a huge help that you may easily overlook or not think of when getting ready for a getaway. Even if it’s just a small travel-sized first aid kit that you never end up using, it won’t hurt to have a few bandaids on hand in case. You can easily customize this kit to fit you the best. Go to the dollar store and get a pencil pouch or small zipper bag and fill it with nail clippers, first aid supplies, your spare glasses, Dramamine, and anything else you may need to have on hand…just in case! 

We hope this helps you feel a little more relaxed and prepared as you’re packing for your next getaway! If you have any questions before booking a Sweet Home, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-519-0437 or email us at We are staffed 7 days a week and waiting to help you easily plan a great vacation in a gorgeous home, so you can Stay Relaxed!

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