Worth the Trip: Drift Creek Falls

The Oregon Coast has so much to offer, you could visit the same town every year and never get tired of the sights, hikes, and attractions right outside of your door. Oregon is full of things to do so we’re going to share all the best day trips to take near the central coast, so you’ll know
“what’s ‘worth the trip!” 

First up: Drift Creek Falls

Where it is: Inland from Lincoln City

What it is: A three mile hike to Oregon’s largest suspension bridge and a beautiful view of a waterfall. 

Drift creek falls is an amazing hike for every skill level and every age with an amazing view at the end. Pack up the family, dog included, and head to Siuslaw National Forest. While the drive is not too complicated, GPS gets spotty as you head to the trail so be sure to print out or save your directions before you leave. The drive there is beautiful so enjoy the time on the road as you wind through the trees and take in every moment. On sunny days, we love how the sun pokes through the treetops and dances on the cars as you drive along this scenic road. 

The parking lot is well marked and once you find your spot, you’ll be able to use the restroom and head over to the trailhead, marked with a large map of the trail. Once you get to the trail, grab your backpack with water and snacks, don’t forget your camera (you’re going to want it), leash up fido, and head out. The trail is only about three miles and on the way out, it’s mostly downhill. You’ll encounter a couple of very navigable switchbacks and some little streams before hitting the 240 foot suspension bridge. This is where you’ll want your camera! The bridge was built in 1997 and all the pieces were flown in by helicopter, it can support up to 165,000 pounds, so you’re totally safe.The view from above is amazing but you’re not done yet, you can still head down to the base of the 75 foot tall waterfall. It gets a little noisy at the bottom of the falls, but the sound of the water rushing is breathtaking and this is the perfect place to stop and have lunch or a snack before heading back to the car. 

This trail is not a loop, so you’ll follow the same route back to your car. Since the walk out is mostly downhill, that means you’ll be going uphill on the way back, but this is still a great trail for all ages and experience levels. If you’re just getting into hiking, this is a good way to test your skill level. If you’re more experienced, this will be a pleasant trip with a great view. 

Tips for the trip: 

  • Print or screenshot directions, GPS is not the most reliable as you approach the falls.
  • Pack snacks or a lunch to have before heading back, and don’t forget your water!
  • Bring a portable water dish for your pup if they’re joining you.
  • Get your parking pass online here before you go.
  • Take a camera & enjoy!

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